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In Thunder, Kahnma sings about a lover who tries to mess up a good thing. We don’t know why. Maybe they think it’s too good to be true. Maybe they don’t trust it. Whatever the reason, the relationship doesn’t roar like the thunder it could be.


Sound common, eh? People are well versed in the rhetoric of impossibility and will even fight to maintain defeating beliefs. Learning to accept and give love can be challenging in a world where we are taught to fear one another. Generational legacies of suppression don’t help alleviate that fear, as we can see and feel the results of lovelessness over time. Still, it’s important to remember that while all that bad was going on, there was also a lot of good happening. The sun kept shining. People kept meeting and having babies. We’re still here. Moreover, people who suffer and survive gain insight that enables flexibility and the ability to see what others cannot.


When we overestimate the significance of the bad and spoil the good, the bad looks bigger and the good looks impossible. But that’s just a perception. In reality, everything is. When we look around with the goal to be thankful, we search for the good. Then, we see it. The good is the simple stuff, yo; the stuff we take for granted because it’s always there.

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