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Is J Flow the breakthrough artist Liberia has been waiting for?

Usually, when I get a message Form Lincoln The Legend, I’m reluctant to open it right away. Mostly due to the guilt I feel for not doing my part as a Liberian artist in honoring myself, and take advantage of the platform he has created to lighten the load of Liberian artists I feel as if he can see through my procrastination and is about to call me on it.

This time though, when I opened the message from him, he was telling me about this artist J Flow he’s about to work with and asked if I would be interested in helping out and giving some pointers.

Truth be told, as an artist myself, I’ve put in plenty work to progress my artistry over the years. My standards are high because I work hard. I’ve also been in America and blessed with resources that, say, an artist in Liberia wouldn’t have access to as easily as I would. While I see the potential in some of the work being put out by my Liberian artist, the lack in quality can be off putting. I would reluctantly check out Liberian artists, only to be met with the disappointment I felt was inevitable.

This was the first time Lincoln had asked me to check out an artist. I’ve seen the quality of work this man has produced over the years, I knew he wasn’t bout to lead me to an artist that would have me rolling my eyes on some level. So, with an open mind, I went on my J Flow explorative mission.

The first thing that struck me was her not so subtle, in your face beauty. Those high cheekbones, deeply set eyes and glowing dark skin was already a reason to explore further. I then hit play on her “From a Distance” video, to noticed immediately the strength and uniqueness to her voice. Is she rapping, singing, what is this!!? And what is a “kuconchleh?” So many questions, but one thing that was certain and instant, I am a fan!

Not just because she’s Liberian, and a woman, and feels familiar, nah, she was simply dope! Not dope for a Liberian artist, DOPE, period!

I hit Lincoln back like, I’m on board. Not because I felt like she needed my two cents, nope, she is fine just the way she is. I was on board because I see how an artist like

J Flow, with the right push and recognition can bring attention to our artistry as Liberians. To be taken seriously as we take other African artists and even American artists.

My biggest pet peeve is when Liberians celebrate Liberian artists as some version of an American artist.

“Dah our Liberian Beyoncé oh”

“Our Liberian Chris Brown oh”

Like, what? Stop that!

We have our own swag, our own style of music, our own fashion, we need not be validated by how much we can look, sound, and act like American artists.

That’s why J Flow is so refreshing, she is authentically J Flow.

I am inspired, optimistic, and excited about the future of Liberian Music!

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