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Level Up with the Law of Expectancy

The nature of the universe is benevolent. Gratitude is the energy that opens the universe up to you. Gratitude is saying to the source of creation, “I trust you.”

Things are always growing and moving forward. With trust in the Universe, you are vibrating in the flow of miracles: manifestations that have always been, but now, you see them.

The extent to which you trust the Universe is the extent to which the Universe trusts you. Gratitude is the ultimate expression of trust in the Universe, especially when you are grateful for that which has not yet manifested in the physical realm. Trust without evidence is the trust that is rewarded beyond understanding. It is the faith in miracles.


Christina’s dream house had 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, the perfect kitchen, and a big dining room where she could have family dinners on Sunday. Her family members, always having rented low cost apartments because the idea of owning a home was too far out of their imagination, told Christina that there was no possible way that she could afford a house that big.

Christina stopped bringing up her dream to her family, but she continued to keep her dream alive inside herself. In faith, she thanked the Universe for her house as though she already lived in it. Her friends told her that her income was too low and the bank would not give her a loan. Despite having a modest income and even below par credit, Christina, had perfect faith and trust in the source of Universal benevolence. People who knew Christina could see that she had a glow about her, but also figured that she was delusional.

In preparation for her dream, Christina began to buy nice furniture that would fit the house she wanted. Her friends and family would make fun her for buying furniture that cost more than her rent. “You think you better than us?” they would ask condescendingly.

While her friends and family members were laughing, Christina was researching what it would actually take to buy a house. The library in another part of town was offering a class for prospective homeowners, so she took the 45 minute bus ride to the class. While in the class, she learned about all the assistance that was available to people in her area who wanted to buy a home. That information included opportunities for people with low incomes, fixed incomes, and even poor credit. One bit of information lead to a phone call which lead to another bit of information until Christina learned about a program designed for people in her circumstance, enabling her to procure a mortgage with a fixed rate that she could afford.

Hearing of her success in procuring a mortgage, Christina’s friends and family were amazed. Still, they were skeptical about her ability to stay current on her payments. Christina would not listen to them and continued to put her trust in the Universe’s infinite supply.

In 3 months time, Christina moved into the exact house that she wanted. The bills started to come. However, Christina’s faith and gratitude moved her into a new level of consciousness. She had a new house, bought new clothes, and decided that her financial circumstances would reflect her new life standards. She began applying for higher paying jobs.

To the surprise of her friends and family, Christina got a new job that placed her, financially, into a position that allowed her to comfortably afford her new house. With her pay increase, she now made more money than any of the people who discouraged her. When her friends and family discovered that Christina had quickly moved from renting her home and working low paying jobs to owning her dream home and having a high paying job, they declared, “We always knew you could do it.” Christina did not shame or embarrass them for discouraging her. Instead, she thanked them for giving her the feedback she needed to elevate her faith into action.

Unlike her friends and family, Christina had the experience of betting on faith and achieving her dreams. Once recognizing that gratitude and trust in the infinite source works, she kept moving forward. In a few years time, Christina owned 4 more houses, which she rented out to her friends and family. With her rental income, she was able to pay off all of her mortgages. She kept her job and was able to use her platform to help educate people with low incomes and bad credit on how to purchase real estate.

The Law of Expectancy

The Law of Expectancy basically means that you get what you expect. Many people confuse this law with having expectations of other people within the finite physical realm. Expectations of other people can lead to disappointment because people are generally focused on their own well being and may not be vibrating at a high expectancy level, much like Christina’s friends and family. However, expectancy of the natural universal benevolence is perfect and does not fail when action matches the expectancy. Universal benevolence, by virtue of your existence, is fully functioning towards your growth and betterment.

The Law of Expectancy is always working with everyone all the time. Gratitude is the energy that enables expectancy to work towards our desires. Complaint, resentment, anger, jealousy, impatience, and fear are the energies that enable expectancy to work towards that which we do not desire. The one who understands the Law of Expectancy trains their mind towards gratitude which enables them to recognize the difference between a desire rooted in fear and a desire rooted in faith in a benevolent universe.

Christina decided that she wanted a house more than she cared about others’ opinions. She adjusted her life and put her mind, effort, and focus towards achieving her dream. She had to make changes and move in complete faith that what she needed to achieve her goals was available to her, even if success meant that she had to level up in order to have access to what she needed.

To act in complete faith, trust, and gratitude is to live in the natural flow of universal benevolence with needs perpetually met. Suffering (from the Latin sufferre, which means “to endure”) is simply the work of moving from a place of lesser faith to a place of complete and perfect faith. There are no enemies in the realm of perfect faith.

Christina’s friends and family, however, were focused on lack, loss, and failure. Their projections onto Christina were evidence of the tapes playing in their own heads about their own lives. In the end, they were renting from Christina, which meant that they still had not moved beyond their own expectations for their own lives. Nevertheless, Christina’s level up enabled them to rent nicer homes, as Christina’s rentals were dripping in finesse.

Gratitude is the magical practice that aligns the mind into perfect expectancy from a benevolent universe. Gratitude says, “I have already received my desires and I am pleased.” The more we train our minds towards gratitude, the more we witness the results of perfect expectancy.

©Dr. Cho Dyubeh, 2021. BEist, Human Behavioralist, and Contributor to

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