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QCC Winner: Christy.

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Hi, I’m Christy Timberlake, and this is my submission for the quarantine creations challenge!

My story is all about how I learned how to be a little bit more selfish. I’m a bit of a workaholic, not because I like work, but because I’m terrified of being seen as unworthy or useless.  If it’s a skill I possess, I need to be using it to make a profit, to earn respect, to be helpful. Skills are meant to be used, not enjoyed. I burn myself out fairly quickly due to this mentality, and I have love-hate relationships with all of my hobbies. I had gotten stuck in this frustrating loop: accept a project because I felt obligated to do so, procrastinate on the project because I wasn’t internally motivated to complete it, be disappointed in my finished work because I knew I was capable of better.

Quarantine gave me space to reevaluate my priorities and reignite my spark for creativity. Why does a hobby have to be profitable? Why does it have to have a purpose? Why can’t I make something just because I want to make it?

These last few months, I’ve focused on falling back in love with sewing; something I used to adore, but grew to hate the more it was incorporated into my work life. Sewing is no longer a part of my current career, but the past bad experiences made me loathe to turn my sewing machine back on. However, I used to be very passionate about this hobby, and I missed the warm, glowy feeling of accomplishment after finishing a costume or dress. I missed looking forward to trying a new pattern, of sketching out designs and making the drawings a reality. 

So, I tried to make things only for me. Sewing something purely because I wanted it, not because myself or others needed it, was a novel experience. It was fun and low stress, which is exactly what a hobby should be. As well, because I didn’t feel pressured to accomplish anything, I ended up being productive, making masks for loved ones and coworkers in between personal projects and downtime.

I think, because I was given this time to slow down (and also because I desperately needed things to occupy my day) I’m learning how to strike a balance. I can use my talents to be helpful, but I’m allowed to be selfish too. 

I love creating, but I’m done pressuring myself into accepting projects I have no passion for. It’s kind of a shame it took a global pandemic to come to this realization, but I’m glad I managed to figure it out eventually. 

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To enter for your chance to win $50 in the Quarantine Creations Challenge, click here and follow the instructions. Good luck!

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1 Comment

May 31, 2020

So super cool!!!

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