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You gone learn today little baby!

I fux with earrings! Particularly big ones. When I had my daughter I came scarily close to giving up on big earrings. Babies pull anything they see dangling. I was either going to rip my earlobes or give up completely. My outfit can be on, hair and makeup for the gods, but without my earrings, I feel wounded.

For the love of oversized earrings!

My Niece Madyuway and I

Nope. I was not giving up on big earrings, and tearing my earlobes was of no interest to me either, so, I trained her. It wasn’t fun at first, but there’s nothing like the love of big earrings that will have me creating a language to affectively communicate with a 6 months old baby, all in the name of personal style. It’s a pretty universal language which all babies understand. I make a really painful face, look dead in their eyes and shake my head while saying “no no no”. After a few times, they get the point. Moms are pretty impressed when they see how I’m able to communicate with their baby in just couple of minutes. It’s a painful process at first but I walk away creating bonds with little humans and stay looking fresh.

It’s so heavy though

I’ll admit, some of my favorite earrings were heavy as hell. I’ve always worried about my earlobes, long before I had a baby. I wore them anyway because, well, the show must go on.

After years of wearing down my earlobes and training babies, I thought maybe there’s an earring vender out there who can meet my big earring needs, but less heavy, super colorful, makes a bold statement and won’t burn holes in my pockets. There were none, so I became one.

Real talk though, I did a little research and found this article that talked a lot about the dangers of those heavy earrings.

crochet earrings

I've enjoyed crocheting many things for as far back as I can remember. I focused mostly on bathing suits, but I thought maybe I can start crocheting earrings!

I’m able to make them as big as I want, and since it’s mostly fabric, that’ll take care of the heaviness. With the plethora of yarn colors, they can be as colorful and bold as I see fit!

My crochet work

Sharing is caring

I initially started making earrings just catering to my own style needs but, apparently, they love my style out in these streets.

I recently went to see Cardi B and Snoop Dogg in concert. Yes, the concert goers came to see Snoop and Cardi, but when I showed up in my earrings, I small kine stole the show. I joke but really, I get so many compliments and questions about my earrings, it’ll be business suicide if I didn’t market these. Being the Capricorn that I am, I’ve done just that. Don't believe me? Check the link homie.

Concert swag

Do you boo

I have a friend who swears mascara gives her super powers, another who keeps one bobbing pin in her hair at all times, while me and my earrings are inseparable. What is your one fashion must have, won‘t leave the house without?

Doing me

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